Original Free Verse Poem: Magnificent, Metaphorical Zoom Tools

When dealing with others,

the zoom-in tool

helps us tuning-in to

all troubles and situations

with subtle, specific precision

so we can cultivate compassion,

     promote harmony and healing,

         and practice the ever-famous golden rule.

Reem Ali Enlightenment

When confronting circumstances

we find personally challenging or uncomfortable,

the zoom-out tool

helps us to move out to

                 a vaster perspective.

2 Gürbüz Doğan Ekşioğlu

Using zoom to view from a distance

prompts us to remember

how minuscule our story truly is

in our cosmic micro-school

where one lifetime is

     (in a ratio-based relation to eternal existence

     or even to just the age of our Earth–

     as any geology professor will tell us:

     if we count Earth’s age as

     twenty-four hours,

     then all of human history is just six minutes…)

                           a blink of a salamander’s eye.


From the ground, we might gaze up at Himalayan peaks

or a skyscraper in New York City

and feel dazed.

7 Gürbüz Doğan Ekşioğlu.jpeg

(We tend to perceive our problems in a similar fashion.)

But if we take an airplane ride above them,

they appear dwarfed

      and get tinier and tinier

            the farther away we zoom our lens.


The Earth itself will appear as just

blue, green and white swirls of

land, ocean and clouds

         if we zoom out even more.

And, even farther beyond,

the orb we call home becomes merely

                                    a dot of


Zoom-out far enough…

              and it disappears.


Zooming-in close with quantum lenses,

we find every atom hums in unified motion,

and physics enlightens us:

           nothing is solid—

             all matter is moving light particles.

5 Gürbüz Doğan Ekşioğlu.jpeg


(All our ‘matters’ are also like that!)

Treating troubles

with a galactic (or microscopic) perspective

generates both serenity and kindness…

REem Ali Colors of the Universe


*Path to Kailas by Nicholas Roerich [Public Domain] via Wikimedia Commons

*The Blue Marble by Nasa [Public Domain] via Wikimedia Commons

*Center of the Milky Way Galaxy By NASA/JPL-Caltech/ESA/CXC/STScI [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

*Dark Matter and galaxies parting ways in collision between hefty galaxy clusters by the Smithsonian Institution from United States [No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons

*Colors of the Universe and Enlightenment (the first and Last paintings on this page) by Reem Ali (Niume friend, used with permission.)

All other artwork by  by Gürbüz Doğan Ekşioglu

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Meditation: Musings on Om


(Free Verse)

To pulsate
in harmony with the substratum

is to spin all atoms
inside of stillness

(infused with light)

to move, without motion
to halt, within movement

to perch in that spot
where the in-breath and the out-breath

When we waltz with infinity’s
whimsical wit
seconds no longer tick

Oceans cease to hummmm with the
ebbing and flowing
of waves and foam–
waves and foam…

The sun is neither coming nor going

People stop scurrying
along sidewalks and
streetlights freeze

Clouds hover immobile in the
infinite sky as
planes, cars, boats, bikes and even kites
stand in stationary salute

and life’s flute remains silent

for that second—
that pause

and then

it all ‘happens’ again



The light that spins within each molecule
in silent radiance that marks our core
hums fundamental Om’s melodic rule,
which permeates life’s universal score.

Harmonic modules reverberate,
pulsating with infusions of pure love
that resonate effulgence vibes so great
they elevate beyond the push and shove

of life’s phenomenal illusions we
ascribe to in delusion when assuming
there is truth to flashing movies: ‘you’ and ‘me’.
Rays bloom inside infinity’s consuming.

Now perched upon the pause between each breath,
we waltz within a world devoid of death.



pauses between breaths
manifest like music rests
holistic silence



Creation is not born aloof—
it’s guided by Infinity,
and all is signed with crafted light
that’s free of latch or roof.

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Spiritual Chorus

Consider the spelling of Spiritual:
Spirit – You- All

We’re all spiritual
whether or not we know it.

Every faith appeals to the same divine source
by various names–all true.

Each snowflake is unique
t all are snow.

Even atheists can be devout in their beliefs
and that’s okay, too
because believing in your self
is akin to believing in God;

God dwells in the inner most selves of everyone–
and beyond as well.

Narrow religions
are like scissors that cut and divide;
spirituality is a needle that sews and unites.

We’re all petals of one blossom;
Why argue when we share the same fragrance?

Instead, let’s smile and wink,
dance and celebrate–
sing in chorus instead of solo.

Let no one say:”I am the only one”
when the truth is:
the only ONE is all.

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